Wednesday, October 17, 2012

September 2012

Junction Christian Academy Staff & Students of 2012/2013
  Thank You to Just Molly Photography for wonderful school pictures this year!!

We enjoyed a chilly day at the Staked Plains Round-Up in September.  This was put on by our local junior college and each year it is filled with fun! The kids go to different stations all over the campus and see things like trick roping, horseshoeing, quilting and more.  

Another JCA field trip that everyone loves is riding the bus to Lubbock and going to At'l Do Farms Corn Maize.  This is also a fun-filled day with hayrides, a corn cannon, a cow train, pumpkin patch and of course the amazing maze.
3rd grade, plus some siblings, at the halfway mark of the corn maize. What a great looking bunch!

Also during this trip Ms. Maggi's 4th & 5th graders set out and did a little geocaching 

We also celebrated See You at the Pole on September 26, 2012.  This was a time when we came together and prayed for our nation, our leaders, the election, US schools, and our school.  
We are so very fortunate that we are able to pray on a daily basis.  

Jeremiah 29:11 (NLT)
"For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD.  "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome Back for the 2012-13 School Year

     Welcome back!  School is officially in session again.  These first 2 days have been a great success! If you have followed the blog closely you know that I was a little behind last year, and again I give my apologies for that.  Too many irons in the fire you might say.  So, I plan on staying on top of things this year and will be posting about our most exciting activities as they occur.
     I would like to share with you that we currently have 67 students enrolled for K-5th, Praise God!!  The school is growing, which is exactly what we hope and pray and plan for. This year's theme is UNITY.  Love always assumes the best, Keep short accounts, and Seize Responsibility.
     August will allow us to get back into a routine, learn rules and expectations and procedures.  In September our younger kids will attend the Staked Plains Round-Up hosted by NMJC and in October our older kids will make a trip to the Corn Maize in Lubbock.  We are so excited to have been blessed with these children, parents, staff & aids. Please cover us in prayer, and know that we pray for you as well!!  JCA ARE YOU PUMPED UP??!!!  HUAH!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Living Desert Field Trip

Kindergarten through 3rd grade made a trip to Carlsbad to visit the Living Desert

Kinder group photo

1st group photo

2nd/3rd group photo

A ride on the bus is always fun!

Great picture of Nikki!

Waiting patiently is an important lesson to learn

 Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!

Pretty smiles girls

The Dolphin class had a great time too

 On and off the bus

We are so fortunate to have the parent involvement and small class sizes to do fun field trips like this.

The Frogs visit Santa Fe

Ms. Maggi's class had the wonderful opportunity to raise some money and make a trip to our state capitol of Santa Fe.  This was done with a car wash fundraiser

They all worked so hard on that chilly day
I can't properly caption these since I was not present, but enjoy the Frogs in Santa Fe:

I know that this was a trip these kids, and adults will not forget!

Dr. Seuss' Birthday Celebration

JCA loves celebrating one of our favorite authors, Dr. Seuss, so when his birthday came around on March 2nd we had some very fun activities!

Looks like someone made yummy Cat in the Hat treats

Ms. Shelley made Green Eggs & Ham

Oh, and not only was is Dr. Seuss' Birthday, it was also MS. SADIE's birthday!!!  Everyone sang her the really loud Happy Birthday song 
like I said, it was Really Loud!!  Happy Birthday Sadie

These are our wonderful teachers and aids! Left to right, Ms. Jolene, Ms. June, Ms. Crill, Ms. Shelley, Ms. Maggi, Ms. Krissy, Ms. Paula and Ms. Candie  These ladies, and a few others not pictured, work so hard and have such hearts for God and our children.  If you haven't thanked them for all they have done lately, you should!!

The classes also enjoyed watching a couple of Dr. Seuss movies and having pickles and popcorn!  There is always something fun going on at JCA

To top this day off we were SO surprised to see our new library building coming up the drive!!!

 YEAH!  We have a library big enough to hold all our books and a class now.  Praise GOD!